Rules And Regulations Of The School

1. School hours are from 9.20 3.20 P.M. on working days.
2. School uniform must be worn by the students on all school days.
3. Complete silence must be observed during and after the assembly.
4. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.
5. Students who fail to put in at least 80% of the attendance, will not be allowed to appear for the Annual or CBSE Examination.
6. If a student falls sick or is unable to attend classes during any work-ing day, he/she should promptly send an application of leave to the class teacher,duly signed by his/her parent or guardian.After such leave, he/she should get entries properly made in the Leave Record in the student’s Diary and submit the same to the Principal.
7. A student who has been continuously absent for more than 5 con-secutive days is obliged to submit a medical certificate.
8. The name of such students would be taken off from the rolls, who have been continuously absent for 15 working days and who have failed to apply for leave. However, such students would be re-admitted by the Principal, if he/she is satisfied with the explanation offered by the parents.
9. No student should be seen loitering around the school premises, during the class hours.
10. No jewellery or valuable things should be worn by any student when he/she is in the school uniform.
11. Every Student should possess a copy of the student’s Diary of the current academic year,bring it to the school on every working day and ensure that entries and records therein are up to date.
12. Students are not allowed to go out of the school campus during the working hours without the special permission of the Principal.
13. Students are solely responsible for their belongings, books, writing materials, Lunch boxes, umbrellas etc.
14. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing Mobile phone, Cam-eras etc. inside the classroom or to the school.
15. In the absence of the teacher,the class is expected to remain disci-plined and maintain silence under the authority of the Monitor.
16. Students found running, playing, shouting, making indecent ges-tures, using abusive language or disfiguring school property will be severely dealt with.
17. The conduct of the students within and outside the campus will be subject to constant scrutiny. Students found guilty of defiant behaviour will be severly dealt with.
18. Every student will endeavour to keep up the high reputation of the school by excelling in his/her studies, conduct, good manners.
19. Any kind of damage done by student to library books, laboratory equipments,furniture and fittings, and other properties of the school should be compensated by them.
20. Students should not indulge in exchange of valuables or money or running errands for others.
21. Attendance at the Assembly,Sports and Games & Extra curricular activity periods is compulsory.
22. All the students must be present at all the functions of the school.
23. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence, disobedience and disre-spect to authority, any kind of cheating and other reprehensible behaviour which will be injurious to the moral tone of the school, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the students.
24. Students are expected to keep the classrooms and the school premises clean and tidy. Hence,they should not disfigure the walls or throw litter here and there.
25. Late – corners to the class should secure special permission from the class teacher to enter the classroom.
26. School is not responsible for any loss or damages to the students caused by any type of accident or wishful acts what so ever.
27. However the school has made arrangements to have a safety insurance from Oriental Insurance Co-Kunnamkulam for a maxi-mum accident cover of Rs 5 Lakhs in a year with a limit of Rs. 25,000/- for individual claim towards death or Hospitalization expense. Date of commencement or renewal of the Policy is 1st of November, every year.

  • School Re-Opens on 29/08/2018