1. Parents/Guardians are expected to ensure that their children or wards respect the school uniform rule and other rules and regu-lations of the school.
2. Parents/Guardians shall ensure that their children/wards are regular and punctual in attending school and they prepare their lessons properly at home every day.
3. Parents/Guardians should try to avoid planning tours, visits to relatives etc. during of school working days.
4. Parents/Guardians are required to inform the school office of any change of address or mobile number at the earliest.
5. Parents/Guardians or their servants are not allowed to go to the class room or wait near by, during working hours. In case of an emergency, Principal’s permission must be obtained.
6. Parents/Guardians should ensure that leave letters for their wards are sent in time.
7. Parents/Guardians should ensure that their wards do not abstain themselves from being any prescal during examination and school reopening / closing days.
8. Parents/Guardians should sign the progress card of their wards and return it promptly.
9. Parents/Guardians are requested to note that as per directions from CBSE, instead of subject wise marks, ranking will be awarded from Std I to VIII of current academic year.

  • School Re-Opens on 29/08/2018